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Aikido for Kids

Aikido Children and Teens Program

Our Aikido program is a great way to introduce the basic principles of the martial arts. Targeted to the specific developmental needs of each age group, we use the basic principles of Aikido to promote…

  • Concentration  
  • Self Control
  • Coordination 
  • Fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Self Confidence
  • Cooperation
  • Problem-Solving

The martial art of Aikido helps children and teenagers to develop the skills and qualities they will need to succeed in their future. We teach children and teens to be:

Respectful and social

Children work with partners and in the groups, learning to cooperate with peers and show respect for others.

Focused and calm

From meditation and fun-filled warm up games to the study of challenging techniques, children practice being aware, relaxed and attentive to details.

Agile and strong

Aikido practice cultivates flexibility, agility, coordination, fitness, and strength.

How is Aikido practiced?

Aikido is a unique Japanese martial art that teaches children self defense in a non-violent, non-aggressive manner. Aikido does not rely on a person's strength for effectiveness and there is no wild kicking or punching. Aikido uses dynamic throwing and pinning techniques to subdue even a much larger aggressor using minimal force.

In Aikido there are no competitive tournaments. Students learn through repetitive practice, taking turns as attackers and defenders in and energetic yet studious atmosphere.

Students are tested and promoted regularly. Our belt system is designed to focus and motivate the students, with strong emphasis on individual growth.  Our school is promoting a culture of cooperation and mutual respect.

What happens in a typical Aikido class?

Self defense techniques, jo and bokken training, Japanese language, games, and meditation are incorporated into an interesting and exciting curriculum. Classes start with warm-up stretching, fitness and Aikido movement exercises which promote mind/body, hand/eye coordination. Every class includes Aikido techniques and some games and breathing exercises. 

What our school offers?

  • Non competitive, non agressive  martial art
  • Positive, healthy environment
  • Professional instructors
  • Small class sizes with individual attention
  • Low monthly fee/no contract

Map to Dojo

Dojo Address

The Shoppes at Howell Branch
3764 Howell Branch Road
Winter Park, FL 32792

Dojo Phone: (321) 295-7590

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